6 Days. 7 Nights. Endless Beaches. A Gang of Pirates. Countless memories.
And one question: 

Are you in?


December 14 - 21, 2018.



British VirGin ISLands
May 11 - 18, 2019


On a tiny Caribbean island at 3am, with a dash of rum and a two-story campfire, Unsettled was born. Thirty friends had gathered from a dozen countries for a self-supported sailing trip that would become the foundation for a remarkable set of shared experiences. 

Four years later, our sailing adventures are still stretching our boundaries for how we build in adventure into our lives. This year, we’ll continue to embrace the unknown by going where we've never gone before: The Andaman Sea, Thailand.

We’re setting sail for 6 days and 7 nights on seas that hold more than 100 remote islands, world famous diving, emerald-blue waters, renowned nightlife, traditional fishing villages, and more to explore.

We will spend our days sailing from island to island and beach to beach. You will get close with your boat crew, learning the ropes of sailing together, sharing stories under the stars, cooking family style meals, partying under the moonlight, and living every moment to its fullest with an incredible curated community from around the world. 

Where & When?

The Andaman Sea, Thailand
Friday, December 14 - Friday, December 21. 

The Andaman Sea is world renowned for its exotic islands (including Maya Bay, famous from the movie “The Beach”), sheer cliff rock faces (famous rock climbing that rises right out of the sea), full moon parties, and everything you could ask for on a sailing adventure.

We will sail among dozens of islands, stopping to explore everything from beautiful and secluded beaches to tiny coastal Thai villages.

The Experience

In a typical day, expect to:

  • sail for 4-6 hours each day

  • anchor up in the afternoon for some swimming, beaching, and hanging out with the other boats in our fleet

  • explore uninhabited islands

  • swim in crystal clear water, snorkel reefs, and sunbathe on our private beaches

  • host dingy races, costume parties, and goof off as much as you want

  • cook family style dinners on your boat's BBQ with your crew, under the stars and under anchor

  • host a party, poetry night, or invite other boats over for a game or themed party

  • sleep under the stars or in your cabin and wake up to do it all over again

Ask anyone who joined us in the past few years, and they'll tell you this is not a trip to miss.

What’s Included?

-> $1200 USD for Unsettled Alumni
-> $1600 USD for new Unsettled participants & friends*

  • 6 days and 7 nights on a modern sailing yacht that'll take you through national parks, secluded moorings, and beautiful seaports

  • A skipper on each boat, who happen to be Unsettled founders, staff, alumni and best friends, who guide you through this week

  • Docking and mooring fees, permits, route planning, and all of logistics and planning to make this happen

*Provisions and alcohol are not included.  
**$150 discount if you bring a friend (for both you and your friend).


Can't make it this December? You can also APPLY NOW to get on the wait list for our 2019 BVI Trip.