You spoke. We listened. One of our most popular requests over the last year has been:
“When will Unsettled offer shorter retreats that pack as much life into them as our month-long retreats?”

Welcome to our two week experiences, where we've designed a world class program that delivers the same growth, perspective, adventure, and experimentation both personally and professionally as our 30-day retreats. We do more, with less.

Where will you live Unsettled?



Bali has it all: Art, beaches, culture, shamans, spirituality, surf, uninhabited islands, and so much more. We intentionally design this experience as a balance between work life and taking advantage of the exceptional quality of life in Ubud.

Two Weeks in Bali
August 1st - 15th, 2018
August 16h - 30th, 2018




Wake up each morning in the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires' most vibrant and walkable neighborhood. With streets inspired by Paris’ famous boulevards and green space that rivals London's Hyde Park, it has the looks of a European city with the soul of Latin America. There are cafes spilling into the streets. Art studios around each corner. We've designed this experiene as an immersive dive into the best of Buenos Aires' cultural gems.

Two Weeks in Buenos Aires
October 27th - November 10th




There's little that the "Mother City" doesn't offer. From its thriving nightlife and distinct music scene, to a rich selection of outdoor activities (rock climbing, surfing, hiking, biking, shark diving, and more), to the sprawling vineyards and wildlife tours just outside of the city, there are few places on earth with such cultural and natural diversity.

Two Weeks in Cape Town
November 1st - 15th, 2018
November 16th - 30th, 2018

cape town.jpg



Unsettled: Tuscany is a uniquely co-created experience dedicated to connecting us to each other and the rituals and traditions that define the fundamentals in life -great conversation, food, farming, nature, and wine. Engage with the creative process that goes into the things we consume. Learn how to make pastas and hand-pressed olive oils before we sit down to a family-style feast. Explore viticulture and regional wines before we make heartfelt toasts. We will dig deep, and get our hands dirty.

Two Weeks in Tuscany
September 16th - 30th, 2018
October 1st - 15th, 2018