If you’re even thinking about doing an Unsettled trip - the choice is already made. Go. On the very first night you’ll realize that you’re surrounded by a group of people that you were meant to meet - and you’ll fall asleep with the deepest certainty that you’ve just made the best decision in your life.
— Seth Haber, Unsettled Buenos Aires Alumni, November 2016

Boulder, CO


  • Founder & CEO of Trek Light Gear

  • Growth consulting & coaching for those building (or wanting to start) authentic, passion based businesses & brands.

Dirty Vodka Martinis. Is that what you were asking?

My nieces and nephew call me “Uncle Awesome”. Which apparently means my superpower is being awesome. Life mission accomplished!


For the ability to combine bucket list travel and a uniquely productive work environment was impossible to pass up. I needed everything that Unsettled offers: a chance to shake up my routine and get out of my comfort zone, to take some risks being away from my business, and the opportunity to stem some burn-out and recharge my batteries by getting off my own grid without actually being disconnected.


I expected my month in Buenos Aires to be a deeply personal experience, and it definitely was, but the real reward of the trip for me turned out to be the strip-away-the-superficial-bullshit environment that Unsettled created and the connections that I made with the other people I shared the experience with. Every conversation had meaning, depth and purpose - a hunger to share, connect and learn from each other. I went for an introspective work-cation and instead I found a curated (yet free-form) experience that is all but guaranteed to return you home a better person than you left. Whether you feel perfectly happy with your current career & life path, or you’re trying to figure out what else is out there for you to discover (for me it’s both), the Unsettled experience will open your eyes and your mind in a beautiful way.




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