Catalyzing Creative Enterprise: Tokyo 

“Imagination encircles the world”

Pratt Institute's Catalyst is a learning platform for the Creative Enterprise Leadership international graduate programs in Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management. The mission of Catalyst is to create conversations and deepen learning journeys that encourage creative enterprise and cultural thriving.

We have partnered with Unsettled to catalyze a unique experience for those interested in exploring the leader within and learning by journeying out.

We hope you will join us this year as we explore Tokyo, once the power center of the Tokugawa shogunate and now the contemporary capital of cool. Japan has experimented with leadership and structured power over many centuries-military, industrial and cultural-"soft power."

We journey to Japan now to learn from its experimentation with "soft power and dig into the possibilities of " Gross National Cool" and J-Cult - one creative driver of a major global economy-the 3rd largest.

As Tokyo readies itself for the 2020 "Olympics of the Future", we will explore how Japan is using its creative and cultural assets to shape that future and to make it meaningful within and across boundaries.

Join us as we inquire about ikigai, a life of meaning and purpose and investigate the animating power of kawaii, the adorable cuteness of the characters that seem to enliven products, robots and anime. Wander with us and wonder how a pudgy Italian plumber, Super Mario, a winsome English Kitty cat, the Japanese American Transformers and the Princess Mononoke have gained entry across borders and into our homes and hearts at a time that hearts and borders can seem closed.

Come explore the unique interweaving of craft, design and fine arts that has made Tokyo a center for fashion and culture. And, savor with us the subtle and seductive tastes of Japan as we dig in to food culture!

*Caution: This is not an experience for those seeking certainty or specific outcomes. The experience has been designed to unsettle certainty and enable participants to practice finding their way in an uncertain world.

Itinerary and Price

Program Dates:

Wednesday, February 27th – Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Program Cost:

$2,600 (Shared Room)
$2,800 (Private Room)

What's Included?

  • All local transportation

  • All accommodations

  • All breakfasts, as well as some lunch & dinners where mentioned

  • Pratt facilitated & local workshops, intention-setting sessions, guest lectures, and additional programs

  • Local tours, events, and access.

The Application Process:

This exploration is by invitation only. If you have landed on this page, we believe this journey may have meaning for you. We would like to be sure of that by having a quick conversation.

So, if you are interested in deepening your learning journey in Japan, please follow the steps below:

Email using the subject line “Japan 2019 Leader Learning Journey" no later than November 14th, 2019. Please include your name, phone number, and best times to reach you. We can only accommodate 20 people, so please act promptly to secure a place. The first 20 people will get priority, so please act now to find out more and to secure a place!

Ready to join us in Tokyo for the adventure of a lifetime?