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+ What's an Unsettled retreat all about?

The boundaries between work, life, and travel are becoming blurred, fundamentally changing how we live today. Unsettled brings together groups of 20-30 working professionals from around the world for unique shared experiences that combine work, travel, and meaningful personal and professional growth.

Whether you're working full time, or going through an intentional career transition, our retreats are designed to help you break out of your routine and explore a new destination with an incredible group of peers.

Included in our program fee is comfortable and centrally located accommodations, a coworking space, full-time staff dedicated to leading your experience, a productivity-driven environment, regular dinner parties and themed conversations, peer-to-peer workshops, curated events, epic adventures, and hopefully one of the best months of your life.

You can learn more on Our Experience page.

+ What's the average age of an Unsettled participant?

Typically the average age is around 35, but we've had participants from 19-75 years old, and from every background imaginable. We deeply believe that diversity of age, as well as background and life experience is what makes each Unsettled trip unique, and we've had everyone from recent college graduates to grandmothers join us for an incredible experience.

+ Who comes on these retreats?

We've hosted over 1200 people from 80+ countries, and all professions imagineable. Most participants on an Unsettled retreat are working professionals with multidimensional personalities and vast interests. This isn't a post-college party trip. We've hosted CEOs and entrepreneurs, artists and experience designers, and people who are active, even experts, in everything from transcendental meditation to CrossFit, from Bikram yoga to kiteboarding, and from diving to flying. On any given day however, most of us are content hanging out with each other, exploring new places and trying new things.

Since work is one of the organizing principles of Unsettled, many participants are high achievers who organize major conferences, run businesses, or are recognized experts in their field. We have a lot of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts on our trips.

At Unsettled, we truly focus on building retreats full of dynamic people who have much more to offer to the group than just work experience. These experiences are social by definition, and so one of our main qualifications is to look for people who share some simple principles:

  • open to spending time with people from different cultures with different value sets
  • curious about the people and the world around them
  • considerate of others

Basically, as long as you're not an asshole, you'll fit right in.

+ How structured / unstructured are these retreats? Will I have free time?

Yes! In fact, most of the time is up to you. The Unsettled experience is your experience. We create just enough structure so that you can plug into the different activities, workshops, and people as you wish.

Nothing is required, and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who contribute. Our role is to provide a platform so that you know what's happening and can participate as you like.

Most days are unstructured work days - you can work from our central coworking space, a coffee shop, the beach or a park, depending on the destination :). We tend to have a set group meal once a week where everyone can check in and catch up with each other, as well as numerous other dinners, events, activities and surprises throughout each week that everyone is welcome to join.


+ How much do Unsettled trips cost?

Each experience is different, but our goal is to make them accessible and affordable - basically, less than or equal to what you'd spend during a month where you currently live. This ranges from $2,000 per month for cheaper destinations, to $3,000 for more expensive destinations.

There are many costs that go into organizing these retreats. For example, logistics and quality accommodations, internet upgrades, curated events, facilitators, and even infrastructure investments can run thousands of dollars. We don't want to be cheap, and we don't want to skimp on the details. We started Unsettled because we believe in the need for it - not to make a billion dollar company. This is a lifestyle investment that we believe is worth it, and we do our best to keep it within range for people. The quotes above are subject to change slightly per destination.

+ What's included in the price?

For the prices quoted on each trip, this usually covers your*:

  • Accommodation (a private room)
  • coworking space (full-time access)
  • dedicated staff to facilitate the experience and connect you to almost anything you need
  • destination orientation, welcome dinner & party
  • airport pickup upon arrival (in most locations)
  • weekly lunch and learns
  • local SIM card for mobile connectivity (where available)
  • organization of workshops, goals sessions, local guest speakers, happy hours, and parties
  • whatever you and your peers decide to contribute: lead a workshop, facilitate an exploratory conversation, or organize a dinner

**Please look at the specific destination pages for details on what's provided in each location!

Your payment does not include several important things:

  • alcohol (may or may not be important to you ;)
  • local transportation (though we do help arrange this, it is not included in the price; more info will be provided via email)
  • activities and adventures outside of the house (skiing, bicycle rentals, diving, climbing, etc. can all cost a significant amount and should only be paid for by people who partake in each activity and are therefore not included in the price unless otherwise noted)
  • we sometimes organize yoga or meditation instructors to come to the house and arrange a group discount, but only those participating will pay for this
  • meals are not included unless otherwise noted; however, we do like to facilitate group meals and all participants split the costs when the group decides to eat dinner together
  • Whenever possible we are happy to help organize to get group discounts for any activities we do as a group. If something is not clear, please reference the individual retreat webpage or ask us. More details will be sent via email.

+ Can I get my employer to pay for this?

We certainly hope so, but that's ultimately between you and your employer. There have been a few participants' employers pay for a retreat in the past. We can promise a productive work environment, structure, and much more. For those of us who are self-employed, it's best to check with your accountant, but we are happy to provide a summary of the purpose and benefits of these work retreats for an accounting professional to determine whether or not it meets your country's tax laws as a write off.

+ What's the payment process like?

Once you're invited to join an Unsettled retreat, your spot is held as soon as you pay your $500 deposit. Deposits are refundable less a $100 cancellation fee up to 60 days before the retreat begins. Final payments are due no later than 60 days before your retreat's start date. Up to 45 days before your retreat, a full refund will be given less your $500 deposit, which can be applied one time and at no cost, to another Unsettled retreat that starts within 6 months of your original retreat. No transfers or refunds are available 45 days before a retreat starts.


+ Do you assist with visas?

Given the diversity of where participants come from (we've had folks from over 65 countries), we cannot assist with obtaining visas. However, if you require a proof of payment of the program, proof of accommodations, and proof of acceptance into the Unsettled program, we are able to provide these things upon request.

+ Do you provide flights?

Unfortuntely we do not provide flights. You must arrive at the destination on your own, and our job is make sure you have an incredible experience once you're there!

+ How long in advance do I have to book?

These trips are relatively small. There's only about 25 or 30 people on each trip. All of them will fully book in advance. We recommend booking far in advanced with a deposit. Most trips will be full or nearly full within 90 days of the start of a retreat.


+ Can I bring my significant other?

Of course! In fact, we sometimes bring ours. We do ask that you keep in mind that this is a group retreat and that some of the most important aspects of the trip include socializing, collaborating, and working together. If you and yours are extremely private in nature, then a coliving and coworking retreat may not be for you. Let us know if you're interested in bringing someone. We offer discounts for couples coming together, since (we assume... :) they're sharing a room.

+ What's the guest policy when I'm on a retreat?

Unsettled welcomes friends of participants to join as guests for a few days. However, to keep things organized and respectful for others on the trip, we do have a few rules around this.

Each guest must pay $50 per night and each participant can have their guest(s) for a maximum of 5 nights per month. This nightly fee includes access to our coworking space and unsettled events, workshops, dinner parties, lunches, etc. All guests are required to check-in with our Experience Leader and sign a waiver. More than 1 guests is not allowed at the same time because it is disruptive and is not fair to paying participants. No guests are allowed the first 5 nights of the experience because of exclusive Unsettled events. Self-accommodation participants can have guests join at our coworking space and unsettled events, workshops, dinner parties, lunches, etc. for a fee. Inquire with your Experience Leader.


+ Do you run any private retreats for startups, corporates, or corporate teams?

Yup! We have run several private retreats for startups, corporate team, and universities. We would love to talk to find out if our interests are aligned. The founders of Unsettled have run countless workshops, seminars, conferences, and retreats, and we know exactly how to combine a focused work environment with adventures that facilitate camaraderie and reenergize your team. The reason it is called re/creation is because new adventures are proven to improve creation and focus. Contact us to learn about what locations we have in mind near and far.

Did we miss something?

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