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— Cristina Vanko, Unsettled Buenos Aires Alumni, November 2017

Chicago, IL

Author of Hand-Lettering for Everyone and Adult-ish, Freelance Art Director, Illustrator, and Hand-Letterer

Besides traveling–Art

It's a tie between spotting cute dogs and inserting a creative angle into any situation.

I had been living in Chicago for about 3 years and everything just felt the same. Even when you're a freelancer, your routine differs on the regular. But the environment I had been working and living in just felt too comfortable and familiar. I was itching for something totally new, but I wasn't ready to commit to a big move just yet. I know that I thrive on being uncomfortable living in a totally new place since it brings a wonderful sense of self discovery and adventure. Having the opportunity to speak Spanish, have like-minded individuals along for the ride with me, and knowing I'd be inspired by a new surrounding were just bonus points in my decision to join Unsettled. 

It was busy! I came to Buenos Aires hoping for some overall clarity, to work on freelance, and to generate new ideas for creative projects. But Buenos Aires was just so alive and so were the participants in my Unsettled Group. And in B.A., there was always something to do, see, and eat. The beauty of Unsettled is that there's probably someone who'd love to do that specific thing with you. And you realize pretty quickly that your group consists of amazing, diverse humans that are doing awesome things with their lives. So the clock starts ticking once you arrive knowing that you only have a month to share with everyone, so you want to make every moment count. As many of us were in similar places in our lives, I came to realize that I needed to live more and experience what the colorful city had to offer with my group. Having a group that was so diverse exposed me things that I wouldn't necessarily do, so I took advantage of non-artsy and creative things alike. On the creative side, I thoroughly enjoyed the city for the range of museums, the street art, how welcoming the art community was, and the opportunity to connect with local artists. While I may not have finished as much work as I had initially hoped, I left super inspired and ready to create more than ever, which is a gift in itself. And after being with such a great group, I felt more refreshed knowing there are people similar to me that exist that also long for adventure.




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