Introducing Unsettled Moments: Our Stage, Your Story

One of the best parts about Unsettled is when alumni and participants recall the courageous, hilarious, goosebump-inducing, and often embarrassing moments from their time living unsettled.

Most often, it’s the unexpected moments that we remember the most.

Finding political common ground with a Moroccan street vendor at Jemaa el-Fnaa night market. Catching an epic sunset surf at Popoyo Beach, Nicaragua. Looking out into the Indian Ocean from atop Mt. Batur at sunrise. Sitting quietly in a field of olive trees and wild oleander at a Tuscan monastery. Washing down a midnight carne asada taco with mezcal in Roma Norte, Mexico City.

Collectively, we live unsettled for these moments that challenge our world view, that shift how we will think about the next 10 years of our lives, and for those moments when we lose track of time.

As much as we try, we know Instagram can’t actually take us to another place, but we do believe that we can share what these moments feel like. Having seen thousands of them firsthand, we know that it’s worth investing in these moments to share what it’s like to live unsettled, wherever in the world it finds you.

So with that, we are launching Unsettled Moments to capture and share these simple, everyday moments that illustrate what it’s like to live unsettled. These will be moments from our current participants living around the world with us. And moments of our alumni network traveling to our global meetups. They’ll be behind-the-scene moments from our team who live the brand every day. No categories. No guidelines. No expectations. Just the real, raw deal that actually happen to give you a chance to enjoy what living Unsettled is all about…one moment at a time.


Ramzie Shams living Unsettled in Colombia

Ramzie Shams living Unsettled in Colombia

For the past few months, we’ve had videographer Ramzie Shams join us from Las Vegas on our retreats in Bali, Peru and Medellin to capture our first moments. Ramzie carried his video equipment (and several drones!) on over 15 flights around the world, and joined our community as just another Unsettled participant... but with a different purpose. He captured the simple, unedited, unstaged moments of adventure, immersions, co-creation, and coworking at our retreats. He became such an integral part of our groups this summer that the participants in Bali, Peru and Medellin weren’t ready to let him go… so much so that he even lost his passport on the last leg of his trip!

P.S. Conspiracy theories suggest that he may have lost his passport on purpose so he could never go back home… or maybe it was our team in Colombia hiding it from him so he could live Unsettled a little bit longer…? Investigation continues.

So join us on our Instagram Stories to watch, as we share moments from our participants, alumni, and team as we live unsettled around the world.