Get on board: Unsettled Sailing

Four years ago, Unsettled began when a few friends and a little mischief met on the high seas. Ever since, it's become an annual tradition for us to celebrate our community by coming together to unplug, float, and explore. To rediscover our inner child. To learn to sail. To be playful and provocative. To find that full state of flow, let go of time, and live completely in the moment.

This year, we're continuing the tradition of taking a break from work to be our own skippers, sailors, cooks, bartenders, pirates, and pranksters. We're heading to new, unexplored waters in the Andaman Sea of Thailand in December 2018, and then heading back to where it all began in the British Virgin Islands in May 2019.

In a typical day, expect to sail for 4-6 hours each day, form a floating raft party in the afternoon, explore uninhabited islands, swim in crystal clear water, have dingy races, costume parties, cook family style dinners, host a poetry night on your boat, sleep under the stars, and repeat.

Ask anyone who's joined us in the past few years on our sailing trips, and they'll tell you this is not a trip to miss. You know what to do next… apply here.

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Want to hear from someone who’s done Unsettled Sailing?

Sailing the Virgin Islands with the Unsettled crew was truly epic. I turned my phone off. Completely disconnected from the world, allowing a deeper sense of connection and presence with these awesome people. The sailing reinvigorated a part of me that’s been missing since I gave up flying 11 months ago. The adventure. The challenge. Operating a big machine using only the wind to guide you. I’m addicted.
— Nathan, BVI 2018
I couldn’t sleep last night despite being exhausted after living on a boat for a week for #UnsettledSailing. My emotions are flooding like they always do when I return from trips where I impulsively sign up to live with strangers from all over the world in a foreign country. I always leave with an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness, new friendships, amazing memories and a little bit further out of my comfort zone. Cheers to a week of lobster, sailing, water slides, glow parties and and many more memories that I will remember forever.
— Brittany, BVI 2018
Be wild. Be creative. Be real.
I am no less of a professional if I get excited about painted faces and dressing up, I am no less of a grounded friend if I want to dance with strangers under the moon, I can still move forward towards a goal even if sometimes I stop to get lost in the moment, lost in the feelings (the good and the bad), lost in the sheer craziness of this thing we call life. I can still have values even if I am curious of alternate views, beliefs, cultures, ways of living. To me, curiosity is not just wondering how an engine works, its wondering how people work, how cultures interact, how we got here, what it all feels like. Every day we are given the gift of ageing. There is no other point than to live and experience as much life as you can fit in. Thank you, Unsettled Sailing.
— Janine, BVI 2018

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