A Day In The Life: Unsettled Marrakech

The sound of mint tea being poured from a height. The silver tray heaped with exotic spices from the souq. That call to prayer echoing off rooftops five times a day. The persistent shouts from market traders fading away by hee-haw of the donkeys. Getting lost in streets you don’t know and meeting people you never thought you would.

These are the fleeting moments that make up daily life in Marrakech. At eye level, the old city seems much the same as it has been for years. But if you start to scratch the surface, a world of creativity awaits.

This past February and March, we launched our first two months in Marrakech. We explored the Moorish architecture of the old medina, buried ourselves in the madness of Djema el-Fna square, spent a night in the Sahara desert, bathed in the cerulean hues of Chefchaouen, bought fresh sardines straight from a boat in Essaouira, and worked late nights from our eucalyptus-scented riad. 

Living Unsettled in Marrakech isn’t just an assault for the senses (though it can be), but an experience that blends past and present; rich culture and busy commerce, like no other city.

We’re heading back to Marrakech for a two-week retreat in November 2018, and then doing it all over again in March 2019 for a full month-long experience.

One of the most common questions we get about Unsettled is “what is a typical day like?” So, we’ve painted the best picture we can here. But, each day is ultimately up to you to find your own rhythm and create your own experience in this incredible city. Enjoy the daydreaming...

7:30am - Rise and shine with the waking medina and the early-morning call to prayer. Head up to the rooftop for a private morning stretch in the sun or a meditative moment overlooking the ancient city skyline.

8:00am - Join the group for breakfast served in the riad courtyard, and let time easily pass by as you chat about the upcoming weekend desert trip. Make plans to balance the projects you need to finish and neighborhoods you want to explore before the end of the week, so you can feel comfortable taking the morning off. Before you set out to wander the medina, grab a comfy spot in the courtyard to crack open your journal to record some of the week’s details.

10:00am - 12:30pm - The riad door opens to a maze of pink streets. Intentionally get lost as you make your way towards the big square. Taking your time to let it all sink in, you find yourself in Marrakech’s center of commerce, a place that has gone almost unchanged - except for what exchanges hands - for nearly a thousand years.

When you work up an appetite, stop and reward yourself with piping hot tagine and sweet mint tea for lunch in that corner cafe you surprisingly managed to find again, or in a brand new spot.  

1:00pm - 6:00pm - In the afternoon, join a workshop on the art of creative decision making and have some fun thinking about your own creative process, and what gives you inspiration. Afterwards, take your laptop to sunny rooftop and work on a proposal you’ve been procrastinating on for a few days, and finish it just in time for the farm-to-table cooking class.  

7:00pm - 9:00pm - In the evening, gather on the patio to soak up the views and toast the sunset with a homemade happy hour. The group might fall silent, pausing the music in time for the evening call to prayer, and you then have a quiet moment to reflect on the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance.

Let a collective rumble of hunger sound the dinner bell - tagine again? Join the group as you look for a tucked-away dinner spot serving some local delicacies. Let the day’s observations spark conversation about your own personal rituals and cultures, before you head back home happy and full.

10:00pm - Onwards - Before bed, chat with a few folks out in the lounge. Afterwards, in the comfort of your room, dig into a good book, plan your visit to the YSL Design museum or call it an early night as you unwind from a day well lived!  

Sound like the perfect day? Then you’re ready to live Unsettled.

Save your spot for any of our Unsettled: Morocco retreats, and we’ll promise to keep the mint tea warm for you…

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“I'm highly independent and typically avoid anything related to group travel, but I loved the semi-structured setup at Unsettled. I was surprised to see how much I ended up looking forward to spending time with the group which I believe was a result of how impressive each person was in their own way.” - Ryan, Marrakech Alumni 2018

“Unsettled is more than travel, it's more than a work trip, it's a life-affirming experience where I got to explore who I am and who I want to be in the world. My Unsettled cohort encouraged me, listened to me, challenged me, reflected myself back to me, gave me space to grow, and cared for me. I've never laughed so much in one month! I returned from my experience with new-found strength, resilience, and peace, and with some, what I hope will be, life-long friends.” - Tanya, Marrakech Alumni 2018

“My only and one regret with Unsettled, is not joining sooner...” - Satish, Marrakech Alumni 2018

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