Meet the Team Behind Unsettled Mexico City

Anytime Unsettled opens a new location, the deciding factor almost always comes down to a few good people. This could not be more true than in our newest location, Mexico City, Mexico. Isabel Corral may be one of the most convincing, hard working, and diligent people to have ever approached Unsettled to tell us we should consider coming to her adopted home of CDMX. She reached out over a year ago to pitch us on setting up Unsettled: Mexico City. Isabel: 12 month after we first spoke, and we are almost there. Thank you! And Raúl Chávez was one of the first people I met when I flew to CDMX to scout it in April of this year. He was nearly hired on the spot. Read on below to learn about what may be the most unsettling job interview in the 21st century. Raúl, you have worked all across our company in just a few short months and soon you’ll be part of our location team showing your homeland to Unsettlers from around the globe. Thank you for all that you have contributed. There are dozens of people in CDMX who have helped and inspired us to set up Unsettled there, this October. Here are the stories of two of our favorites…

Michael Youngblood
Co-founder, Unsettled
August 8, 2018



Meet Isabel Corral…


I’m the Location Manager for Unsettled CDMX.


I’m from Chihuahua, North Mexico. Fun fact: I grew up on some of the largest apple orchards in Mexico. But I moved to Mexico City in 2011 with my first job, and have been here since…

Why did you choose to live Unsettled in Mexico City?

You might know Mexico City to be one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, but there’s a sense of innate peace too when you walk down the streets of Roma and Condesa. With historic architecture, booming gastronomy and cutting edge cultural scene, Mexico city offers a charming and unexpected experience. A great place to enhance creativity and where amazing things happen to almost anyone. There is more about Mexico City than just tequila and mariachi. It’s a city full of contrasts, opportunities and wholehearted people. What’s not to love about CDMX!?

What do you have in store for us in Mexico City?

First, we’re going to have some mezcal and beers at the Mezcalería La Clandestina, then I’ll take you out dancing either to Patrick Miller (think 80s hyper tunes) or to Salón San Luis (if you prefer salsa and Mexican cumbia). Then if you’re still up for it, we will close the night with some post-midnight tacos at my favorite spot, Taquería Orinoco!

Second, I would take you with Doña Lucha, she was the owner of a spot at Mercado Coyoacán, now her family is keeping the business going. There you not only get to try one of the best quesadillas in the city - I would go for flor de calabaza and chicharrón, but also get to feel the vibe of this bohemian and very Mexican neighborhood. Don’t forget to ask for the Tangerine Juice!

Third, I would take you to try a Temazcal, a pre-hispanic tradition. A ceremony used to purify the mind, body and soul. It's like a steam bath that not only makes you release toxins from the sweat, but also encourages self-reflection and introspection. A session guided by an expert or a Shaman that helps you cleanse and provides you with a re-born experience.

Ultimately, when you join Unsettled, it is your experience and as any member of the team, I am here to help facilitate parts of that journey. I’m not your tourist guide, but I am here to help you live like I did when I first moved here 8 years ago.

Tell us the most bizarre story from your time in Mexico City?

One evening, I went to a nightclub called Patrick Miller. It’s a very popular dance spot in Mexico City. As I was waiting in queue with my friends, I saw the most bizarre sight before me. There were people of every age, gender, size, and ethnicity dressed up in the most crazy outfits to enter the club. Think parents, couples, grandmas, hipsters, ‘posh’ people, gays friends, drag queens; everyone was in queue and everyone felt welcomed. There was no privilege in that queue. It was probably the most democratic club I’d ever seen. Once we entered, the challenges began… you had to beat your opponent in a very serious dance battle.

As for hydration, we only had beer or water available.

The mood on this night was unbeatable. Everyone just wanted to dance to vintage music. I really let myself go that night… and I’m sad to announce that I was beaten by a 50-year-old taxi driver, and a drag queen. Oh well, next time…


Meet Raúl Chávez…


I’m an Experience and Visual Designer at Unsettled. I apply the processes from design to shape how we plan, create, and deliver amazing experiences at Unsettled.


Right now, it’s Mexico City. After living in Santiago de Chile for almost 7 years, I decided to Unsettle my own life, so for six months, I moved between Merida, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Guadalajara. And then three months ago, I decided Mexico City needed to be my home…for now.

Why did you choose to live Unsettled in Mexico City?

After living in Santiago de Chile, near the ‘End of the World’ at Tierra de Fuego I needed a change. I was looking for a spark. I was living and traveling all around Mexico and I couldn’t find it, until I landed in CDMX. The dynamics of this city caught on and I instantly felt like home. The warmth and the friendliness is everywhere. I remember the moment when I was walking down Reforma, fans were celebrating the World Cup match and at the same time there was also a pride parade going on. Being able to experience how these two worlds merged together into one massive party, I knew it in that moment that this is it, I need to live here. Trust me when I say this, you never quite feel settled in CDMX. Much like life, it’s all about finding balance in the contrasts of this city.

What do you have in store for us in Mexico City?

I have a list. And because I’m still new and unearthing the treasures of this city, I’m going to take you to some of my favorite spots:

  1. Food Street walks: A taco walk may sounds like a cliche but you cannot resist the thousands of street food vendors and the overpowering aroma coming from their stalls. Trust me, this is just as good as dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant (if not better!).

  2. Getting lost around Coyoacan and San Angel: These bohemian neighborhoods are where you’ll find Diego's Rivera Studio, Frida Kahlo's house, and work stations of some of the most iconic Latin poets and writers. You can almost smell the creativity in the air.

  3. The magic boroughs of Condesa, Juarez y Roma Norte: Packed with street art, hipster coffee shops, buzzing restaurants and loud bars; this Art Deco-inspired part of the city is where you want to be when the sun goes down…


Tell us the most bizarre story from your time in Mexico City?

I’ve only just started to fill my journal with stories about Mexico City; they range from funny, to bizarre to ‘did this just happen?’. I have casually bumped into Mexican actors on the streets of La Condesa, and had tacos from a local stand next to famous musicians. But my favorite story was when I first met Michael (the co-founder of Unsettled) in this city. It was actually my job interview for Unsettled and we decided to meet at La Lucha Libre, an arena dedicated to professional wrestling in Mexico City. I’m here now, so guess I got the job… #BestJobInterviewEver


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