Meet the Team Behind Unsettled Buenos Aires

We already had a deep love for Buenos Aires, long before Clara Mastronardi joined us in Bali to live Unsettled for a month. But Clara radiates a particular kind of energy and enthusiasm, one that has the special ability to reignite a sense of wonder and adventure in even the smallest details. So when she came to us after seven month of traveling the world with the desire to help people live Unsettled in Argentina, we knew that her Buenos Aires would be one we had to explore! Fast forward to now and she's shared her love of travel with many future Unsettlers and taken on our second ever Peru trip, from the Lima waves to the heights of Machu Picchu, with a group of international and intrepid Unsettled adventurers. We can't wait to see where her Unsettled journey takes her next… but we know, no matter what, Buenos Aires will always have her heart. Lucky us!

Leilani Franklin-Apted
Head of Experience, Unsettled
August 22, 2018


Meet Clara Mastronardi


I’m a Global Experience Leader at Unsettled, and also part of the admissions team.


Buenos Aires, Argentina! I’ve lived here my entire life, except for 7 months last year when I went backpacking across South East Asia.

What do you love about Buenos Aires?

The contradictions of this city. The European origins coexist with the Latin roots, and the local traditions embrace the modern and contemporary influences. It’s a beautiful marriage of two worlds. The Porteño culture emerges in the eclectics of this city, a fusion that plays out in the food, art, architecture and music.

For example, you can enjoy traditional empanadas and stews right next to a restaurant serving international cuisine. You have tango and milongas, but you also have an emerging musical hub with alternative rock and electronic music. In architecture, you have the Palacio Barolo (a 1919 palace dedicate to Dante’s Divine Comedy) and the Floralis Generica (a 23-meter sculpture made of stainless steel and aluminum that was designed to move; closing its petals in the evening and opening them in the morning).

I also love how Buenos Aires whispers culture in each of its neighborhoods, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the best tango milongas occurs on a Tuesday… and doesn’t wrap up until 4am. And trust me when I say there are people doing the tango at 4am on a Tuesday night in this city. You can never get bored in Buenos Aires!

What do you have in store for us for Unsettled Buenos Aires?

On Mondays we’ll take you dancing along the drums of La Bomba de Tiempo in Centro Cultural Konex, an old factory that’s been transformed in a Cultural Center. We will try the “fernet con coca”, a local specialty, by the litre!

On Tuesday, my favorite spot for a tango lesson and milonga is at La Catedral. We may need to get some coffee first... because you can easily be on your feet until early hours of the morning!

Wednesdays are for wine! We’ll go wine tasting in some of the most unique vino bars in the neighborhood of Palermo. Argentina has three main wine regions within six major provinces. Safe to say, you’ll never tire of trying something new.

On Thursday…. well, I’m not going to reveal everything! You’ll just have to join us in Buenos Aires if you want to know the rest :).

Tell us the most bizarre story from your time in Buenos Aires.

November 2016. It was a Thursday night. I was invited for a dinner party at a closed door restaurant in the neighborhood of San Telmo. It was one of those unique secret dinners. I didn’t know where I was going, but I trusted my friends’ experience as a chef and true Buenos Aires culinary connoisseur. When we arrived at the apartment, there was a stunning table set up 14 people. Before we even entered the door, we could hear the soft stringing of live music and the sizzle of meat being cooked. We sat at the table with the other guests from all around the world, all visiting Buenos Aires for various reasons, and enjoyed the decadent three-course meal that a Puerto Rican and American chef had collaboratively prepared for us. As we mingled with other guests and listened to stories of other diners, I turned to my right and met Abba from the US who was in Buenos Aires on an experiential travel retreat called Unsettled… The rest, as they say, is history!

Less than a year later, in September 2017, I too joined Unsettled for a month in Bali as a participant. Then, fast forward six months and I started working as Location Manager in Buenos aires. Today, I’m an Experience Leader coming out of my very first and a very rewarding retreat in Peru. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that every day can be a new adventure, even if it’s in your own city. You just need to create the space for it to happen…


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