Why Buenos Aires Will Unsettle Your Soul (That’s a good thing.)

Buenos Aires. The city of Fury. The Paris of Latin America. The birthplace of tango. Hectic and eclectic. Creative and crazy. The place where avant-garde meets traditional values. This Argentine cultural capital inhales history and exhales nightlife, and that’s why Buenos Aires is one of our longest-running destinations for Unsettled retreats.

Buenos Aires captures a heady juxtaposition of Latin elegance and edgy modernity. Primary colors galore, this charming capital city is an artist’s muse – from the hourly tango lessons in the main square to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes which boasts the highest balcony in the city.

Rewind to October 2016, when we launched the very-first Unsettled retreat, Buenos Aires attracted us with many of its obvious trinkets -- the booming creative and art industry, the balance between the warm days made for working and the cool evenings for relaxing, and the restaurants that spill out onto the sidewalks offering a fusion of local staples and international flavors. Two years in, what keeps us coming back is the city’s alluring blend of European and Latin American culture and its natural balance between work and exploring one of Latin America’s most liveable cities.

The elegant old buildings and Belle Epoque boulevards respond to the architecture of the city, but the metropolis allows its visitors to shape their own everyday routine to match the rhythm of the city.

But what can you expect while living Unsettled in BA with us?

Music and dance until dawn in Almagro. Drink Malbec in Palermo Soho. Learn to stencil local art in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo. Dig into the best steak your palate has ever tasted. Go for a run around the lakes and gardens of the Bosques de Palermo. Bike around Puerto Madero and the ecological reserve and make a stop to eat some facturas by the river. Learn how to make your own mate. Hate it at first. Then fall in love with it. Enjoy a football match at La Bombonera stadium. Start your Sunday with a stroll on the cobblestone streets of San Telmo Market. Enjoy an opera at the Teatro Colon. Walk through the magical streets of La Recoleta, visit its cemetery and learn about its endless urban myths. The possibilities are endless.

October, November, February, March and May are some of the best months in Buenos Aires, when the mild temperatures allow you to walk around without melting on the streets (because in December and January you might actually melt!), and then enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar with unmatchable views of blooming jacarandas that dye the city in purple.

Unsettled Buenos Aires will open your world to art, music, culture and an epicurean journey like you’ve never experienced.

Two weeks. One month. You decide how you want to start your Unsettled Buenos Aires journey this year… or in 2019. We’ll be waiting for you… with a Malbec in hand. Obviously.

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Want to hear from someone who’s done Unsettled Buenos Aires?

“I met a whole group of unique, enriching and amazing human beings with whom I had the deepest and most interesting conversations I've had in a long time, I created lifelong friendships which will be picked up anytime we meet again anywhere in the world, I have dug deep inside and discovered a few new beautiful truths about myself which made me grow personally and come out a better person, I lived Buenos Aires in all its vibrancy and not just discovered it... and all that in just a month! Oh, and I also worked.” - Lawrence, Buenos Aires Alumni 2018

“Unsettled is an exceptionally well-implemented concept. There is just enough structure to help participants create their own experience without it seeming like a pre-packaged tour.” - Tom, Buenos Aires Alumni 2017

“They won’t sell your organs!” - Andrew, Buenos Aires Alumni 2017


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