Beyond the ‘Eat Pray Love’: This is Unsettled Bali


You could say that we’re a little obsessed with Bali, and rightly so, because we have been hosting retreats on the island since October 2016. It’s inspired us from day one to make Bali a destination where we can run immersive remote living experiences year-round.

And to that end, we have been working for months to launch our 2019 plans that tick all the boxes that you’d expect from an Unsettled experience.

But what can you expect while living Unsettled in Bali with us in 2019?

To begin with, we are designing our ideal Unsettled hub that will pull together our favorite things: great accommodations for living, idyllic lounging space (read: pool and relaxing spots), and a creative studio to work as little or as much as you can on what you need to focus on.

Outside of the Unsettled Hub, our local managers are redesigning the best elements from our past retreats into an immersive experience that will take you to the very best this island has to offer your life -- from learning to surf to full moon ceremonies to early morning yoga classes. The opportunities are boundless. The creativity is omnipresent. All we need is you. Below are some of our favorite moments visualized so you can see why we love Bali so much. We know you’ll love it, too!  

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Want to hear from someone who’s done Unsettled bali?

“Unsettled is like a study abroad for adults... It gives us a platform to live, work, and explore together. It provides a way to make valuable professional connections while also building strong friendships. Meeting people from all over the world who were living life outside the box inspired me that I have the power to structure my own life that way if I wish. I returned home from Bali with the energy and clarity I needed to restart my life.” - Lindsay, Bali Alumni 2016

“The submersion into a different culture, and into a rich and diverse micro community of awesome humans, created this magical openness and vulnerability in me and in those I connected with! I had some of the most interesting, raw, and enlightening conversations of my life at Unsettled. For those conversations alone, the Unsettled experience has truly enriched my life!” - Jacqui, Bali Alumni 2017

“I came away from a month of being Unsettled with a few new and important things made clear. I'm able to identify more clearly what matters to me most, what gives me energy and inspiration, and what types of things are weighing me down. With this new clarity I can face an uncertain future with greater confidence, rooted (ironically) in my Unsettled community and in the values derived from my own experience.” - Graham, Bali Alumni 2017

“Unsettled was one of the best months of my life! Being in a beautiful environment with incredible people reminded me how big and wonderful the world can be if you put yourself out there. Live your “why not” life!” - Becky, Bali Alumni 2018

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